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Fundraising Program

. can earn your organization money!  Your only obligation is to design flyers, posters, and emails promoting this fundraising program and our website.  You will promote this fundraiser for a period of time mutually agreed upon by both of us, usually 30-45 days.  Members of your organization, friends, family -- anyone anywhere in the USA you let know about your fundraising effort, can order directly off the Ellie Lance Creations Website and earn your organization money.  Customers just put your group's name in the "Ordering Instructions" section of the Ellie Lance Creations online "shopping cart".  We ship directly to the customer and your organization will receive up to 30% profit on the total retail order.  The least your organization can make is 25%, but most of the items will earn you more -- especially the charms.  We solder on request for all new bracelets and can gift wrap and ship to other addresses at no additional charge.

At the end of the fundraiser, we will send your organization a check for the percentage you earned from the sales along with a CD that lists who ordered and what was purchased.  

It is just that easy!

If your organization is interested in participating in this simple, yet profitable program, please contact Ellie Lance Creations. 
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